Incredibrace Knee Brace

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Incredibrace Knee Brace


How to Measure:

To determine what size is right for you please measure the circumference of your leg 4 inches above the center of your knee. The sizes are determined by this measurement.

Incrediwear patented braces can bring comfort to your tired body within minutes of putting them on, energizing individuals who need extra joint support. Incredibraces have the active ingredients added to the inside of the brace to significantly enhance comfort and mobility, outcomes that occur due to increased blood flow and delivery of oxygen. The braces allow for great mobility, yet supreme support that you will notice within minutes of use. Unlike other products that only support, Incredibraces have patented organic germanium bamboo charcoal blend that is ideal for anyone experiencing discomfort, inflammation and swelling related to circulatory issues. Incredibraces are great for post recovery, reducing fatigue and pain in over worked muscles and joints. Incredibraces are the ideal choice for the active, inactive, sports enthusiasts, or those just seeking the best comfort available in a medically designed brace.

Germanium & Bamboo Charcoal Fiber, Spandex/Lycra